Our Products

At Peter Schreurs and Sons we have over 50 years experience in vegetable growing. Our crops have evolved over time to suit crop rotation, climatic conditions and consumer need. Here are the select vegetables that we grow in their various forms.

Domestic Grade Leek

A top grade market leek that we have been perfecting the growing of over the past 30 years.

Export Grade Leek

A premium grade leek, selected to meet the needs of the Japanese market. They are an even sized, large leek.

Trimmed Leeks

A convenient, easy to prepare leek without the roots and leaves, the perfect size for shopping bags and refrigerators.


A traditional European vegetable that is in the same family as the cabbage. It has a wonderful sweet taste.

Baby Cos

A younger, smaller variety of cos lettuce, that has a sweeter flavour and attractive, green, crisp leaves.

Baby Wombok

A convenient size and excellent tasting chinese cabbage, with a more tender leaf quality.


An Italian type lettuce with a distinct, bright colour and sharp flavour, full of antioxidants making it a very healthy leafy vegetable.


A specially selected variety of lettuce that has sweet crunchy leaves, in the perfect cup shape ideal for filling.