At Peter Schreurs and Sons we have over 50 years experience in vegetable growing. Over the years we have experimented and grown many different vegetables, nowadays the vegetables we have available are: leeks, baby cos lettuce, radicchio, baby wombok, kholrabi and cosberg.

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At Peter Schreurs and Sons we have always had a passion for the land and a curiosity for how things work, this has led us to understand more about the environment in which we grow our vegetables and how to better care for this environment to produce high quality vegetables

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Production Methods

To learn about the how and why of what we do at Peter Schreurs & Sons, browse through the information we have available on our production methods. By following the link below you will find information on pest and disease control, quality assurance and soil management.

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There are many images and educational videos about our farm that we have available for you to look through in our gallery. And if you are also interested in the history of how Peter Schreurs & Sons Vegetable Farm was estabilshed, please read through our history.

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About Us

Established in 1964, Peter Schreurs and Sons Vegetable Farm has over 50 years experience in growing some of the best quality vegetables on the market. We specialise in growing 7 different vegetable varieties which are Leeks, Baby Cos Lettuce, Cosberg, Baby Wombok, Kohl Rabi and Radicchio.

One of our main goals in producing fresh vegetables is to work towards producing them using sustainable practices. We are focussing on what we know to be best practice. Best practice is taking on all the information from conventional farming, organics, biodynamics, traditional and modern farming and applying this to our production fields. What we are achieving through this, is our farm has a more diverse and resilient natural environment, with production fields that are healthier becoming more productive, and the business as a whole remains viable and progressive securing the future for our employees and families.

We invite you to learn about our history or have a browse through our photo gallery and video collection to see some of the interesting aspects of our farm.

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Awards and Articles

2008 Grower of the year

2009 Spray Awards

2009 Sustainable Growing Article