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Peter Schreurs and Sons Vegetable Farm was established by Peter Schreurs in 1964.

Peter migrated with his family from the Netherlands in 1954 at the age of 15, landing at Station Pier in Melbourne Australia.

At the age of 16, Peter began working on a vegetable farm owned by Henry Mounsey in Moorabbin on the then outskirts of Melbourne. It didn't take long for Peter to discover that he had a real passion for vegetable growing, and his boss Henry, seeing Peter's enthusiasm, began to teach him all he knew.

At age 19 Peter had saved himself enough money to be able to put a deposit on 20 acres of land all the way out in Cranbourne. Peter would visit this land every chance he could for the next 6 years planning how he would turn it into productive vegetable garden.

By 1964 Peter had managed to buy some basic equipment and left the employ of Henry Mounsey to start growing vegetables on his own.

Finding things difficult supplying potatoes and lettuce into an already over supplied market, Peter then took the advice of his former boss to start growing small but regular plantings of celery.

What started as small amounts of celery soon grew to become tens of acres of the best celery the market had seen.

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