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Environmental Initiatives


We believe that soil is much more than just a medium for holding plants. Our farm practices acknowledge the great contribution of soil micro organisms, and we also take care of minimizing risks of soil erosion.

Water is important to our farm and to other natural ecosystems downstream. We do everything in our power to ensure water does not go to waste.

We are convinced that natural predators should be the first line of defence against insect pests. To maintain the balance between natural predators and insect pests, we are committed to the correct implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles.

Practices that promote biodiversity are highly valued by all of us. In particular, we are very committed to planting as many native trees as possible. The native trees we have planted have helped us divide our large farm into smaller sections. This allows us to run our operation as if it were a series of small farms.

We have implemented a number of initiatives to reduce electricity use and fuel consumption at all levels of our operation. We are also adopting measures that will help us reduce and recycle waste materials.

We must also remain economically viable if continue to implement good environmental initiatives. The end result will be that  our children and others in future generations will inherit this great farm in an even better condition than what it is today.


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