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Baby Wombok


500gm heads

Young and clean

100% useable

Trimmed and packed individually

Available November - August


Baby Wombok is a selected variety of chinese cabbage that is more convenient than your traditional large chinese cababge. They are harvested at a younger age and have a more tender leaf quality. Being only 500gm Baby Wombok is an easy size to use for the average family or if only using a small amount simply break off a few leaves and place the remaining cabbage back in it's bag and it will last for up to 2 weeks in the fridge. We have Baby Wombok's available from November all the way through to August and are sure that you will find them an easy to use chinese cabbage.

Wholesale Customers - Available from the following wholesalers


Bache Bros


GNL Produce


Melba Fresh

Perfection Fresh Australia



Courtman and Newton


Perfection Fresh Australia

Stuart Dickson Produce



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